Suzette: “I graduated with honors on a First BA Teachers Degree in Drawing and Painting at the University of Arts in Utrecht (NL) soon I realised that I never had the ambition tobe a Teacher.

I moved to Amsterdam and used various opportunities to express my artistic skills in different ways. I.e. I participated in Dutch TV shows and decorated in theatres. However I didn’t feel like I was realising my full potential. So I decided to move to London to be part of a vibrant melting pot.”


Now based in London she enjoys every aspect of the vibrant city life and is fully inspired by all the glamorous, colourful and strong women around the world. These elements can be found in her unique artwork. She believes in PEACE, UNITY, LOVE & HAVING FUN.” She calls her work GlamourCandies. 

Sweet things for the eye with some glam!


I get my inspiration of glossy magazines,  Social media as Instagram, Facebook, fashion, Supermodels.Celebs, Artists like Warhol, Koons.  My work is vibrant and colorful, and my style can be described as Poparty glamorous with an edge. 

Style, technique: 

Mixed media are used in my work as spray paint, acrylics, glitter, charcoal, drops and splashes, gold and silver leaves or even Swarovski stones. I am looking for contrasts. Thick bold painting strokes against delicate thin charcoal lines..realistic versus cartoonish, subtle glitter bits. “I like to pay attention to detail. It needs to be unpredictable and exciting. Funky, edgy, sassy and colorful, just like the women I aim to inspire.” “I like to use an international approach,  an eclectic mix of different cultures, women and different skintones, which I translate as using bright colors, expressive strokes, showing my view unto the cosmopolitan world, in the end all these women relfect a little piece of me…” 

Suzette Huwae:

"I have always been the FUTURE NOW ! "  Ramtha