graphic design & illustration

My name is Suzette Huwae. I am freelance graphic designer, illustrator with more than 11 years experience. This includes creative work for a range of digital and print media. From fashion and beauty to finance and insurance

Just came back 6 months ago from London where  i lived and worked for 7 years .

, I worked for clients such as Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, AT Kearney Consultancy, Thameswater Alliance, 8Works Consultancy, O’Neill, Jaguar, Landrover, Kruidvat, Halfords. Agency & desk experience.

My folio & CV.



Some current highlights..


PROJECT for Hudsons Bay

BRIEFING: Illustration Project for a new dept store in Holland on several places. Illustrating all customers during festive the opening.

PROJECT: Hotel Okura byTwain Media

BRIEFING: I had to assist the staff of the Hotel Okura to brainstorm ideas for the future of the famous international wellknownJapanese restaurant and Hotel Okura. Drawing using brushpens and ink and paper.



PROJECT: Mengelmoes bookcover

BRIEFING: Elvira Oudemast, the author of the book MENGELMOES (means mixed race in Dutch slang), asked me to design her book/autobiography. 

In the past, I have designed her logo/branding for her bakery company in the past, so she was already familiar with my style. I have designed the lettering and typography, 

layout for the bookcovers. I have chosen appropriate colors and retouched her photos, I have used excisting photos from her photoshoot.