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My name is Suzette Huwae, I am a Senior Art Director, Graphic Designer, Artist.

I don't like to think in boxes as i am a creative. I am crossing all platforms.

My work is all about creativity,  as i am creative in many fields work hybrid, across print

& digital, across all fields, I have more than 16 years of solid graphic experience. Focused on print, but I do digital as well. 

I like my layouts clean and contemporary.

Clients: Albert Heijn, Gemeente Amsterdam (West), Huishoudbeurs, Hudson’s Bay, Starbucks, Unilever, Etos, Kruidvat,  Deutsche Bank, Rabobank, Kruidvat, GVB, Metapraxis, Castle Trust, Nestle. ThamesWater.

To see my CV & see my full portfolio (English version) click on the buttons.

On the page you can see some highlights.


On this page you can see my latest design work and highlights.


I have created my own brandbook to have my own documentation of what
i do. As besides designing I am painting and illustrating and i am doing ceramics.
I have set up the photoshoot with friends, a make up artist and a model.
I have used a magazine approach with fashionable lettering combined with own lettering. Hardcover.


All design is done by me. Bookcover layout pages rug and blurb.

Print Book Design  •  Art Direction •  

Model : Sharon • Make Up artist: Nina Aeckerle • Creative Direction: Nataly Sop •  Photography: Boya Latumahina • Graphic design: Suzette Huwae



I worked for this high-end supermarket in the Netherlands (Zaandam). I've worked on designing brochures, illustrating holiday cards and creating displays for their stores, digital banners and more. For the digital banners I mainly worked with Adobe Indesign. I used Adobe Photoshop

(after scanning) for the cards and I used Indesign for the displays within the store.

Print design • Digital design • Illustration • Conceptual design •

working together with designers & Creative Director


Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 19.48.13.png

I worked for this advertising agency on different projects.

I have worked conceptually for their clients. I.e. Nordsol. working with briefiings.  

For the company NORDSOL a bio oil producer,

I visualised their transpors by using their brand style colors green and yellow

as an energy force. Plus another advert for Bio LNG.

Examples with the drop as a style element. And a lot of green.

• Conceptual design • Webdesign (landingpages) • Digital design • Print design


For this company TELETRAIN, I worked on theri landingpages for their website.

I used Adobe XD and Figma to design layouts to fill in texts and image elements.

• Webdesign (landingpages, wire frames)

For this company STRETCH UP, I worked on conceptual briefings.

I had to modify POS materials, like flyers, create an illustration for the StretchUp monitor.

Designing business cards.

• Print design • Vector Illustration • Digital design

For this company MOLLYWOOD, I worked on conceptual briefings.

Their website needed to look more appealing and bright. I have refurbished their logo as well. It needed to be more bright and fresh colors.

 I used Adobe XD and Figma and indesign to express my moodboards.

• Conceptual design • Digital design • Rebranding logo design


I am working for this company in mortgages. They have a few labels in mortgages:
Investment Solutions, Servicing and Franchise. Franchise has shops as:
De Hypotheek Shop, Huis & Hypotheek. Other mortgage labels as Merius, Impact, Hyra.
As the Art Creative Director, I was responsible for all design expressions in the company. Like organising photoshoots, Designing stands for the annual financial fairs. Corporate style branding in costumes and fashion, gadgets merchandise.

Designing a magazine for Ingage Franchise (De Hypotheek Shop, Huis & Hypotheek). Websites redesigns. Creating Brandbooks. Powerpoint designs, liaise with printers and suppliers. Merchandise intern and extern. Letterheads, businesscards. Interior designs, redesiging branding labels. Marketing expressions for several departments. Stand designs for financial fairs.

Ad hoc commissions for stakeholders.

• Rebranding logo house style design • Print design • Digital design • Webdesign (Landingpages)

Ingage_Powerpoint .png

MERIUS is a mortgage label of INGAGE GROUP.

They asked me to create a new logo that had to be more contemporary and fresh.

I wanted to use more warmer colors and also in look and feel of the brand. So i chose a. lot of warm pictures for the website but also for their social media, powerpoint presentatiions. The 3 circles, balls had to be the icons from the brand. Transparent and also reusable into different outings of the brand. The former brand color had the colors grey and yellow, I added an soft orange to it.

• Rebranding logo identity design • Digital design • Print design • Webdesign (Layouts)


I created with my team (copywriters and graphic designers) a magazine (B2C) for all their shops trhoughout in Holland. I created a complete new layout and branding style. The copywrite team checked all texts and articles. I had to look for stockphotos for the articles. I had to liaise with the printer and check how much it wouid cost and details as amount of grams of paper, type of paper, etc.



Starbucks also has a big hot/cold food section. Like salade bowls, sandwiches, fruit etc.
I had to work on certain food labels, where we had to place blurb text of ingredients of the products. B2B: We had to create a moodboard (Siren’s Eye) a manual, how employees of Starbucks have to display their products. These layouts are usually illustrated to make it easier for the employees. These are vector illustrations. I had to do some illustrations as food bowls, sandwiches and salad bowls.

• Print design • Digital design • Vector illustration • Artwork (DTP)


I have done a lot of DTP ARTWORK for several companies, in Amsterdam & London.

From O'Neill, Landrover, Jaguar, Kruidvat, Etos, Halfords.

METAPRAXIS is a tech company in Wimbledon South London,

They are servicing computer programs & Software for other companies. B2B. 

I was hired to create symbols illustrations for the dashboard for  their bespoke software.

I worked on displays for a tech fair. I created Powerpoints, business cards. 

• Illustrations • Print design • Digital design


TOWIE  (The Only Way is Essex) star Lauren Goodger has a company all about tanning.

She needed some new flyers with new layouts. Digital banners only.

• Digital design



APHERO is an exclusive international leather clothing label for women.

I created flyers, ebooks,  pages for website

• Digital design • Print design

FZ label in beauty. Focus on waxing.

They wanted a.complety new branding. Identity with social media outings. I have created a logo, businesscards and stories. Also created a pattern layout for Instagram.


FB_Banner FZBeauty.png


A Beautysalon in Amstelveen.

I created a totally new branding identity.

t had to look natural nude. I have designed several identiies to create the one she loved. But still a bit classic. Social Media layouts.Banners, stories, posts, and designing layout for new website.

• Branding design • Print design • Digital design • Social media design

I have created several logo's fpr companies. From Beauty to a Radio station,, finance,  cafe, mushroom shop.


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