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about suzette huwae


Suzette has been painting Strong Women for some time now - strong women drawn in colourful paint, oozing raw energy. Her style is called Popart, or as she calls it “Glamour with an Edge.”

Despite her love for beauty there has always been a certain edge to her work. Something unpredictable yet very expressive and raw, which is why she is always looking for contrast. Big bold strokes as well as delicate and finer strokes. She uses a combination of tools acrylic, aerosols, glitter, and other tools,

Not surprisingly she sees her own grandmother as a typical power woman. “Look at what she had to sacrifice in her life, to be uprooted with your family and be forced to settle in an unknown and cold land, with a completely different culture and language. To be able to adapt and to continue with her life in a foreign land, that to me takes a lot of courage,” she said.

She added: “I wanted to make a statement, which would be a testament to these colourful, multicultural and above all strong and powerful women. I wanted them to show me their beauty, discard their imperfections, and embrace their shortcomings regardless of their imperfections. I wanted this all to be reflected in my work and that it would have an impact on everyone. This bringing together of culture and beauty.”