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Just 6 months back from London where Suzette lived and worked for 7 years. Now based in Amsterdam. Working on new artwork, doing art/illustration events, exhibitions and selling art products at her webshop!

Suzette was born and raised in the Netherlands. With her Moluccan roots, growing up in a Dutch country made her fully aware of her multicultural background. Her style could be described as glitter and glamour with an edge. 

"You will find lots of contrasts in my work, like thick strokes against delicate thin lines. Or I might use bold and thin lines at the same time. It can be realistic but also cartoonish. Expressive and fragile at the same time. Dark against light. I like to pay attention to these details. It needs to be unpredictable and exciting. “Funky, edgy, sassy and colourful.”

Everything she does, she wants to do it in the best way possible.
She is self-made, hardworking, ambitious, and generous. She likes fashion, design art. 
She loves to travel, in fact she could be anywhere! She is able to adjust in every town and she loves to explore different cultures. These elements can all be found in her unique artwork.

Glamour with an edge!